Months upon months I have been designing this plan to help women all over the world with their own booty transformations.

It was launched at the beginning of August and there are already numerous girls using this guide which comes with 3 detailed nutrition plans. The plan is built for muscle growth, so it will require maximal effort from every user in order to get maximal GAINZ!

I have already had so much feedback from girls saying each workout has been killer. These workouts are slightly different to my Instagram workouts as they include training systems which makes the intensity much greater. I personally use training systems all the time i.e supersets, trisets, pyramids, dropsets, giant sets, and I swear by them for furthering your progress.

The plan includes 8 different glute focused workouts to be used over the space of 4 weeks but once you have bought the guide, it is yours to keep forever… so you can keep restarting it and pushing up your weights each time. There is also a booty band activation library for you to pick exercises to use for your warm up.

The best feedback I have had so far is how helpful the video demonstrations have been for people to see clearly the correct form and speed of each rep. It is so important to get this right in order to benefit fully from your workouts.

So, GOOD LUCK to everyone who has bought this plan or intends to,  remember I am here if you need to ask anything.

PLEASE send me transformation pictures as I am certain there are going to be some incredible ones!

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