Gym/Home Abs Plan

  • What’s Included With This Plan:-

    • 4 week ab plan with 12 different challenging circuits.
    • 3 circuits to complete each week alongside your current workout schedule.
    • Over 75 different exercises.
    • 8 ab & core focused circuits.
    • 4 oblique focused circuits.
    • Can be used at the gym or at home with provided exercise alternatives for home use where necessary.
    • Dynamic & static stretch exercise library to use for warm up and cool downs.
    • Video demonstrations of me performing every exercise and stretch with an easy to play format to use at the gym or at home.
    • Full description on how to perform every exercise and stretch with correct form.
    • Regular, Vegetarian & Vegan meal plan examples to help give you inspiration and knowledge for your diet.
    • Membership to the private Facebook Family group for motivation, encouragement and support with other like-minded individuals.
    • Plan is accessible worldwide.
    • Payment is a one-off fee with no monthly subscriptions or additional charges and gives you lifetime access.
    • For progressive results, repeat the 4 week plan to achieve your desired physique.
    • Any queries to be emailed to and answered personally by me.

For this plan you will require either a gym membership or a set of small dumbbells if using at home. There is the use of resistance bands and cable ankle attachments which you can purchase from my shop  here. 


NOTE please be aware that I do not accept refund requests for this purchase.