Booty Builder

What’s included:-

  • 8 different glute focused workouts increasing in intensity and designed personally by me.
  • A 4 week plan based on two workouts each week.
  • Video demonstration of me performing each exercise with easy to play format to use in the gym.
  • Full description on how to perform each exercise with correct form and tips.
  • List of activation exercises to choose from for your warm up.
  • Use of training systems (such as a superset, pyramid, dropset, giant set) to intensify workouts as the plan progresses.
  • 5 nutritional meal plans to help give you inspiration and knowledge for your diet.
  • Membership to the Family Facebook group for motivation & support.
  • Plan is accessible worldwide using PayPal secure payment method.
  • One off payment for unlimited access to the plan.
  • For progressive results, repeat the 4 week plan with increasing weight to achieve your desired booty growth.
  • Any queries to be emailed to and answered personally by me.

Make sure to leave 48 hours in between each workout per week for your muscles to properly repair and build.

For this plan you will require access to a gym and the use of a resistance band. I use my own brand resistance bands which you can purchase from my shop here.

NOTE please be aware that I do not accept refund requests for this purchase.