Booty Builder Gym Plan

What’s Included With This Plan:-

  • 8 different glute focused workouts increasing in intensity and created personally by me.
  • 4 week plan based on two workouts each week to add into your current workout schedule. Leave 48 hours in between these lower body workouts.
  • Video demonstrations of me performing every exercise and stretch with an easy to play format to use in the gym.
  • Full description on how to perform every exercise and stretch with correct form.
  • Glute activation exercise library to choose a circuit for your warm ups.
  • Dynamic & static stretch exercise library to use for warm up and cool downs if required.
  • Use of training systems (for example a superset, pyramid, dropset, giant set) to intensify the workouts as the plan progresses for maximum results.
  • Regular, Vegetarian & Vegan meal plan examples to help give you inspiration and knowledge for your diet.
  • Membership to the private Facebook Family group for motivation, encouragement and support with other like-minded individuals.
  • Plan is accessible worldwide.
  • Payment is a one-off fee with no monthly subscriptions or additional charges and gives you lifetime access.
  • For progressive results, repeat the 4 week plan with increasing weight to achieve your desired booty growth.
  • Any queries to be emailed to and answered personally by me.

For this plan you will require access to a gym and the use of a short resistance band. I use my own brand resistance bands which you can purchase from my shop here.

NOTE please be aware that I do not accept refund requests for this purchase.